The Difference Between Retirement Villages and Aged Care Homes

Jun 17, 2022

Deciding what to plan for the later years of retirement can be challenging. You want to take the needs of your loved ones into full consideration and provide a lifestyle that’s fulfilling as they move into this next stage in life. Some of the benefits of moving out of their regular home include:

  • Increased social activity
  • Safety and security
  • Meeting personal needs on a daily basis
  • Being surrounded by peers
  • Being in an environment that promotes physical activity
  • Additional services available if needed

Retirement villages and aged care homes are two options you can choose from, and each have unique qualities and benefits that will be suitable for different people. But there are a lot of misconceptions about the difference between these two types of facilities. If you’re looking for the perfect retirement living for your loved ones, then it’s important to understand the difference between retirement villages and aged care homes. Each one provides unique benefits that will appeal to specific needs. Here is some more information to explain the benefits of each:

Retirement villages

Retirement villages offer independence and flexibility. Residents can travel regularly and maintain an active and social lifestyle. They’re ideal for those who are able to live with a high level of independence and require minimal assistance. However, there are some retirement villages that now offer additional care services if needed. Retirement villages provide maintenance and landscape services. They offer amenities including Internet access, swimming and exercise facilities, as well as recreation centres for social activity.

Most importantly, those who choose to live in a retirement village find a shared lifestyle among others who are similar in age and interests. They maintain a safe and social lifestyle that affords them the independence they prefer in their later years.

There are also a variety of models for retirement villages. The fees and services will depend on which type.

The following are just a few:

  •        Lifestyle resort – Occupants purchase a freehold title and build their homes while leasing the land.
  •        Freehold complexes – The occupant purchases the freehold title, but the property may differ in the fees it charges compared to other facilities that are registered as a retirement village.
  •        Right to occupy – The occupant pays for the right to live in the property, while having the option to pay for other services.

Aged care facility

Another option for retirees is the aged care facility. These facilities are often funded by the government and are designed to provide supported living and care. The services accommodate people with a broad range of needs. Much like a retirement village, aged care facilities provide round-the-clock emergency care to ensure that residents have all of the resources they need.

An aged care facility is ideal for someone who is unable to live independently. If daily activities such as personal maintenance and feeding require assistance, then aged care facilities can meet these needs.

Aged care facilities are traditionally smaller in size compared to retirement villages, and fees cover all the expenses of care including meals and accommodations. Additional services and amenities may also be covered, like newspaper delivery. Meals are usually scheduled throughout the day providing a more structured atmosphere for residents. This gives residents who have difficulty with daily self-management a way to meet their daily needs in a supportive environment.

While retirement villages are available to individuals over the age of 55, for aged care living, applicants will need to go through an assessment process. This helps applicants get the level of assistance and care that will best meet their unique needs.

Retirement villages provide an independent lifestyle for those who do not need additional living assistance. Aged care homes can give those who do need daily care a comfortable, safe, and active environment for years to come. If you’ve decided that an aged care facility is more appropriate for your loved one, find out more about how to choose the right one here.

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