5 ways to maintain your independence with Parkinson

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Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is difficult to live with, and not just because of the physical challenges, like a gradual reduction in motor function. Other symptoms include depression, sleep problems, pain and cognitive dysfunction have a serious impact on a person’s quality of life. A sense of independence is valuable to all of us. If you have an elderly loved one with that disease, but you don’t think it is time to place him in an Aged Care Facility yet, there are steps you can take for your loved one with PD to regain some control and live life independently.

Exercise A schedule of regular exercise can make a big difference to our mobility and mental health. Several studies have shown that regular low impact activities like swimming, cycling, dancing, walking, strength training, yoga and Tai Chi do more than just maintain mobility, balance and coordination – they can actually improve it. Rearrange their environment Parkinson’s Disease increases risk of falling, so make sure your loved one’s home and garden is free of clutter and allows easy access. This can mean removing trip hazards like rugs, small furniture and pot plants, and buying special chairs for the shower and other slippery environments.

Organise their transport Discuss with your family’s doctor whether your loved one is still in conditions to drive. If not, you can still manage their transportation. Assist them into learning their way around public transportation or even organize a carpool- for frequent activities.

Keep their mind active Motivate them to do crosswords, read, learn a new language, solve puzzles, download an app such as Luminosity, play chess or Scrabble. Keeping their mind engaged helps to preserve healthy mind function.

Become a MedicAlert member For your peace of mind, and your family’s, MedicAlert membership offers 24/7 protection wherever you are. Their condition will be included on your unique ID,

with further details in your online record, so that emergency personnel, doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals can quickly determine the correct treatment and medication.

Guarantying yours and your family’s safety is the smoothest way to go through life. MedicAlert can assure your love one who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease (PD) will receive the correct treatment, in the quickest way in a case of emergency. Access their website to see all products of call 1800 88 22 22 for more information.

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